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• Connects from U.S. 98 on the south to I- 10 on the north.
- Roadway starts at U.S. 98 north of WAL-MART Super Store
- Southern end of bridge is 3,000' east of Redfish Point
- Northern end of bridge is at western edge of Garcon Wetlands
- Roadway follows along uplands ridge on the west boundary
  of the Garcon Wetlands area. C.R. 191 intersects S.R. 281. Roadway
  S.R. 281 connects U.S. 90 on the north and U.S. 98 on the south.
- Roadway follows C.R. 191 and C.R. 281 northward to I- IO
• 7.5 miles of 2-lane roadway with shoulders.
• 3.5 miles of bridge over navigable waterway in Pensacola/East Bay
  (65' vertical and 150' horizontal clearance).
• Bridge has 2-12' lanes and 2-8' emergency shoulders.
• Stand alone toll facility financed with revenue bonds backed
   by toll revenues.


• To offset impacts to wetlands on the approach roadways the Authority
   has provided  the following mitigation:

Purchased and donated 97 acres to the Northwest Florida Water Management District (NWFWMD) and donated $1,025,350 to the NWFWMD for purchase, preservation, and management of lands on Garcon Point.
Has restored 19 acres of disturbed wetlands near U.S. 98 West of Approach Roadway.
• The Authority funded the construction of a sewer line from I-10 to the
   intersection of C.R. 191 to replace septic tank construction on Garcon Point.
• The Authority treats over 100 acres of stormwater from along S.R.
   281 and C.R. 191 that previously entered the bay untreated, and provide
   compensatory stormwater treatment at three locations to
   compensate for untreated bridge stormwater.


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• Creates a regional transportation loop to benefit traffic circulation and help
   to reduce traffic on U.S. 98 through Gulf Breeze and on the U.S. 98 bridge.
   The regional loop connects I-10, U.S. 98 and I-110.
• Provides an additional north-south link within Santa Rosa County connecting
   I- 10 and U.S. 98 thereby providing an additional hurricane evacuation route.
• S.R. 281 south of I-10 upgraded and elevated to meet 100 year
   flood levels enhancing safety.

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